NAME: Crankshaft Grinding Machine --- Hydraulic worktable
MODEL: MQ8240/1000
To introduce: Model MQ8240 is designed for grinding the crank journal and main journal of the crankshaft in several industries like automobile, truck and diesel engine as well as for external grinding.
--- In the process of operation, pieces to be ground are clamped tightly by specific tools and then via the grinding part driven by the motors mounted on the front-frame.
--- The work-bench is driven by either manual or hydraulic pressure to move to and fro vertically. The mechanical –driving unit is powered by motor.
--- The grinding wheel , work-bench, cooling –pump and oil-pump are driven by motor independently
--- Advanced plastic-coated guiding rails are adopted to support the moving machine table, proven to be reliable and secure.
--- The frame of the grinding wheel is driven hydraulically .

Main Specification

Model  MQ8240
Center height 200mm
Grinding diameter supported by steady rest 30-80mm
Max. crankpin throw 80mm
Max. distance between 3-jae chuck  1000mm
Max. distance between center 1100mm
Longitudinal grinded external cylindrical diameter 30-200mm
Max.weight of workpiece 80kg
Max.swing diameter over table 400mm
Max.length of workpiece 1000mm
Headstock spindle speed 42,82,65,130r/min
Movement of main shaft sleeve of rear frame 30mm
Grinding wheel spindle speed 930mm
Size of grinding wheel 750x40x305mm
Hydraulic Pressure longitudinal moving speed of working bench 0.1-4m/min
Fast movement of grinding wheel 100mm
Max. longitudinal movement of worktable 1540mm
Hydraulic pump flow rate 16L/min
Hydraulic pump pressure 2.5Mpa
Coolant pump flow rate 50L/min
Total motor power 9.12kw
Grinding wheel motor 7.5kw
Overall dimensions 2100x1000x1600mm
Machine weight 4800kg

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