NAME: Crankshaft Grinding Machine
To introduce: MQ8260A is modified on the base of the Model MQ8260 and intended for use in the automobile,
tractor, diesel engine works and their repair shops to grind the journals and crankpins of crankshafts.

1. Three different work speeds are obtainable by making use of the belts in the workhead.
2. Cross chucks are used in the headstock and tailstock.
3. Friction coupling is used in the headstock transmission chain for its easy adjustment.
4.Table traverse is operated either by hand or by power.
5. Wheelhead rapid approach and withdrawal is effected through hydraulic means.
6.The wheel spindle being of 80mm in diameter has good rigidity and strength.
7.Use is made of roller ways for wheelhead movement.
8. The bed ways and wheelhead are lubricated in an automatic cycle by means of the oil pump.

Main specification: 
 Model MQ8260Ax16 MQ8260Ax18 MQ8260Ax20
Max. work diameter × Max. length Φ580×1600mm Φ580×1800mm Φ580×2000mm
Capacity  Max. swing over table 580 mm
 Work diameter ground with steady rest Φ30-100 mm Φ50-120 mm
 Throw of crankshaft 110 mm 120 mm
 Max. work length ground in 3 jaw chuck 1400 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
 M ax. work length ground between centres 1600 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm
 Max. work weight 120 kg 150 kg
Headstock Centre height 300 mm
 Work speed (rpm) 25,45,95 25,45,65,100
Wheelhead  Max. cross movement 185 mm
Wheelhead rapid approach &
100 mm
 Wheelhead feed per turn of cross
feed handwheel
1 mm
 Wheel feed per grad of cross feed
0.005 mm
Grinding wheel Wheel spindle speed 740, 890 rpm
Wheel peripheral speed 25.6 – 35 m/sec
Wheel size Φ900x32xΦ305 mm
Table Table traverse per turn of handwheel
5.88 mm
Table traverse per turn of handwheel
1.68 mm
Table swivel (taper 18/100)
Table swivel per grad of scale (taper
Overall capacity of motor 9.82 kw 11.2 kw
Overall dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 4166x2037x1584 4900x2037x1584
 Weight 6000 kg 6200 kg 7000 kg
Ovality (new standard) 0.005
Cylindricity 0.01
Roughness Ra 0.21

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