NAME: Cylinder Boring Machine
MODEL: T8018A T8018B T8018C
To introduce: The machine is mainly used for boring the cylinder hole of internal combustion engine and the inner hole of cylinder sleeve of cars or tractors, and also for other machine element hole
--- T8018A: mechanical-electronic drive and spindle speed frequency changed speed variation.
--- T8018B: mechanical drive
---T8018C: used for processing special heavy motor cylinders

Main specification 
Model T8018A T8018B T8018C
Range of boring diameter  F30mm~F180mm F42-F180mm
Max boring depth 450mm 650mm
The of spindle 500mm 800mm
The distance from the central line of the spindle to the body 320mm 315mm
The Rotational speed of spindle 140-610r/min 175, 230, 300, 350, 460,600 r/min 175, 230, 300, 350, 460,600 r/min
Spindle feed  0.05 /0.10/ 0.20 0.05 /0.10/ 0.20 0.05 /0.10/ 0.20
The high speed of spindle 2.65m/min 2.65m/min
Table size 1200x500mm 1680x450mm
Table travel Crosswise 100mm
Lengthwise 800mm
Crosswise 150mm
Lengthwise 1500mm
Machine power 3.75KW

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