NAME: Vertical Fine Boring Machine
To introduce: T7220B is mainly used to bore high accurate holes of cylinder body and engines sleeve and other
accurate holes.
---The table longitudinal and latitudinal moving device;
---The workpiece fast centering device;
---Boring measuring device;
---Also provides optional digital readout for the table's longitudinal and cross moving accessories to serve the users

Main specification 
Model T7220B
Max. Boring Diameter 200mm
Max. Boring Depth 500mm
Spindle Speed Range 53-840rev/min
Spindle Feed Range 0.05-0.20mm/rev
Spindle Travel 710mm
Distance from Spindle Axis to Carriage Vertical plane 315mm
Table Longitudinal Travel 900mm
Table cross travel 100mm
Machining accuracy Dimension Accuracy 1T7
Roundness 0.005
Cylindricity 0.02/300
Boring roughness Ra1.6

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