NAME: Vertical Air-floating Fine Boring Machine
To introduce: The machine is mainly used for re-boring single line cylinders and V-engine cylinders of automobiles motor cycles and tractors and also for other machine element holes.
--- Reliable performance, widely use, processing accuracy, high productivity.
--- Easy and flexible operation
--- Air-floating location quick and precise, automatic pressure
--- Spindle speed is suitability
--- The tool setting and measuring device
--- There is a vertical measuring device
--- Good rigidity, amount of cutting

Main specification 
Model TB8016
Boring diameter 39 – 160 mm
Max boring depth 320 mm
Boring head travel Longitudinal 1000 mm
Transversal 45 mm
Spindle speed (4 steps) 125, 185, 250, 370 r/min
Spindle feed 0.09 mm/s
Spindle quick reset 430, 640 mm/s
Pneumatic pressure 0.6 < P < 1
Motor output 0.85 / 1.1 Kw
V-block fixture patented system (Optional )   30°     45°
Overall dimensions 1250×1050×1970 mm
Machine weight 1300 kg

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