NAME: Vertical Air-floating Fine Boring Machine --new type
To introduce: This machine is mainly used for boring engine’s cylinder of automobile and tractor to retreat it. It is also applicable for boring cylinder of V engine, and other mechanical part’s holes such as cylinder sleeve of single cylinder, if some suitable fixtures are equipped.

Main specification

Model FBM7
Boring Diameter 39-180mm
Max. Boring Depth 380mm
Spindle Speed 50-1000rpm,  stepless
Feeding Speed of Spindle 15-60mm/min, stepless
Spindle Rapid Rising 100-960mm/min, stepless
Main Motor Power 1.1kw
4-step basic frequency 50Hz
Synchronous speed 1500r/min
Feed Motor 0.4kw
Positioning Motor 0.15kw
Working Pressure 0.6≤P≤1 Mpa
Centering Range of Centering Rack 39-54mm
Spindle 38mm  39-53mm (optional)
Spindle 52mm  53-82mm( standard accessory)
Spindle 80mm  81-155mm(standard accessory)
Spindle 120mm 121-180mm( optional)
Overall Dimension  1400x930x2095mm
Machine Weight  1350kg

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