NAME: Vertical Fine Boring-Milling & Grinding Machine
To introduce: --- Stepless of spindle turning , feeding and table traveling
--- Rotating speed and feed of spindle as well as the movement of worktable is free-setup , automatical returning of spindle can be realized
--- Longitudinal and cross movement of table
--- Complete set of accessories of boring , grinding , milling , drilling & reaming and easy exchange
--- Spindle Fast centering device
--- Boring depth control device
--- Table with digital redout for jig borer 

Main specification 

Model TXM170A TXM200A TXM250A
Max. Boring Diameter 170mm 200mm 250mm
Max. Boring Depth 400mm 500m 500m
Max. Grinding Area 400x1000mm
Max. Milling Area 400x1000mm
Max. Milling & Reaming Diameter 30mm
Spindle Speed 120-1200r/min
Feeding of the Spindle 14-900mm/min
Rapid Moving Speed of Spindle 900mm/min
Spindle Travel 700mm
Distance Between Spindle End Face and Table 0-700mm
Distance Between Spindle Axis and Carriage Vertical Plane 375mm
Longitudinal Feed of Worktable 32-1350mm/min
Rapid Moving Speed of Worktable Longitudinal Travel 1350mm/min
Longitudinal Travel of Worktable 1500mm
Transversal Travel of Worktable 200mm
Worktable Dimension 500x1250mm 500x1500mm 500x1500mm
Main Motor 5.5kw
Processing Roughness Boring Ra 2.5um
Milling Ra3.2 um
Grinding Ra0.8mm
Overall Dimension 2600x1630x2300mm
Packing Dimension 2230x1870x2270mm
Net/Gross Weight 3300/3600kg 3500/3800kg 3500/3800kg

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