NAME: Valve Seat Boring Machine --workhead air-floating
MODEL: TQZ8560 TQZ8560A TQZ8560B TQZ85100
To introduce: TQZ85 series air-float auto-centering valve seat boring machine is a kind of high precision and efficiency special machine with tool grinder and vacuum testing for workpiece. It is suitable for rebuilding and repairing kinds of valve seat and valve rod hole of engine cylinder head.
--Air-floating , auto-centering, vacuum clamping, high accuracy
--Frequency motor spindle, stepless speed
--Regrinding cutter with machine grinder
--Supply vacuum test device for checking the valve tightness
--Widely used, rapid clamping rotary fixture
--Supply all kinds of angle cutter according order 

Main specification 

Model TQZ8560 TQZ8560A TQZ8560B TQZ85100
Boring dia. 14-60mm 20-100mm
Max.size of cylinder head for cutting 1200x500x300mm 1500x550x350mm
Power of spindle motor 1.2kw
Spindle speed 0-1000rpm
Spindle swing angle 5
Spindle stroke 200mm
Spindle movement (cross x longitudinal ) 950x35mm 1200x35mm
Distance of worktable longitudinal movement / / 150mm 150mm
Fixture rotary angle +45 ~ -15
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Air pressure 0.7Mpa
Air flow 300L/Min
Machine weight 1050/1250kg 1100/1300kg 1150/1350kg 1400/1800kg
Overall dimension (mm) 1480x1050x1970 1910x1350x227 1910x1350x2270 2430x1400x2300

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