NAME: Cylinder Block Grinding & Milling Machine
MODEL: 3M9735BX130 3M9735Bx150
To introduce:
--- 700rpm high velocity milling plus step-less speed regulation feeder equal high smooth surface of making (suitable for aluminum alloy cover or east iron cylinder body).
--- 1400rpm high velocity grinding plus ultra precision feeder plus cooling liquid equal satisfactory result.(suitable for nodular cast iron)
--- Intuitive adjusting velocity, accurate feeding by hands operated complete appendages, you will love them.

Main Specifications
Model 3M9735B×130 3M9735B×150
Max length of processing 1300mm 1500mm
Max width of processing 350mm 350mm
Max height of processing 800mm 800mm
The vertical moving distance of grinding wheel plate 60mm 60mm
The vertical moving distance of grinding wheel head 800mm 800mm
Moving speed of working table 40-900mm/min
Dimensions of working table 1300×500 1500x500
Machine weight 2800kg 2800kg
Packing size 2980x1150x2200mm

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