NAME: Con-rod Boring & Grinding Machine
To introduce: Con-rod Boring & Grinding Machine TM8216 is mainly applied to bore and grind bearing holes (including copper quill and connecting-rod tile) on connecting rod of gasoline and diesel engine in automobile, tractor and other power sources. Customer also can carry out fine boring or grinding process to connecting rod bearing seat of deformed workpiece, after grinding combining surface, to ensure the parallelism of two center lines. Equipped with various specialized fixture, it can be used to complete fine boring and grinding process to piston pin hole, gas pump bearing hole and valve seat hole, etc.
Main Specifications:
Model TM8216
Range ofhole diameter to be bored 40 – 160 mm
Range of hole diameter to be grinded 50 – 160 mm
Range of 2 rod hole centers distance 80 – 650 mm
Longitudinal travel of worktable 450mm
Boring head motor 0.55/0.75KW
Grinding head rotation/revolution motor 0.55/0.37KW
Hydraulic system motor 0.55KW
Machine dimension      1700x1300x1800mm
Net weight 1400kg

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