NAME: Brake Drum/Disc Cutting Machine-- Hot Sale
MODEL: C9350 C9370
To introduce: --- Quickly, accurately and efficiently to cutting rotor;
--- Fast and slow setting allow cutting rotor;
--- Quick, accurately and efficiently to cutting drum;
--- Finitely adjustably setting allow cutting drum;
--- Three kinds of speed to choice for spindle speed;
--- Fully equipped adapter package.
--- A convenient design allows to quickly change from rotor to drum;
--- Position of stop make the lathe stop automatic after the cutting;
Main Specification
Model C9350 C9370
Spindle Travel 175mm 251mm
Spindle Speed 70, 80, 118rpm 70,88,118 rpm
Spindle Feed Speed Min 0.05mm/rev Min 0.05mm/rev
Max 0.5mm/rev Max 0.5mm/rev
Cross Feed Speed Min 0.05mm/rev Min 0.05mm/rev
Max 0.5mm/rev Max 0.25mm/rev
Handwheel Graduations 0.05mm 0.05mm
Rotor Diameter 180-381mm 180-457mm
Rotor Thickness 48mm 102mm
Drum Diameter 152-711mm 152-711mm
Drum Depth 175mm 251mm
Motor 1PH  110V/220V 50/60HZ ,  3PH 380V 50/60HZ
Gross Weight 290kg 400kg
Dimension 970x920x1140mm 1100x1070x1140mm

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