NAME: On Car Brake Disc Cutting Machine
To introduce: --- Provide variable speed and rotation torque during brake machining is a characteristic of this equipment
--- The spindle rotation speed swivels within a certain range ,this can eliminate the mechanical resonance and enable the machined surface to be smooth
--- The 1.5-hp powerful motor can machine brakes for 4-wheel drive automobiles,1T trucks and even medium duty truck’s rear wheels easily
---The micro-round cutter blade can undergo knock , it can be rotated by an angle after it has been worn to elongate its service life
--- The brake lathe can be rotated 180°to machine the automobile at its another side. It is very convenient in use because it is unnecessary to remove the bolts and move the arbor
--- The unique twin-arbor design makes it be adjusted conveniently and the machining with high efficiency
--- Semiautomatic operation system; Automatic safety and shutdown system; Fast connection system
--- Intermittent feed mechanism makes the machined surface conform to be the demands of use
Main specification:
Model  OTCL450A
Maximum Rotor turning  diameter 360mm
Maximum rotor thickness 51mm
Maximum rotor friction surface area 76mm
Feed distance        110mm
Spindle revolutions  Variable speed30-120rpm
Electric power    220VAC 50/60HZ  15A
Motor power     1.5HP(1.1kw) @3450rpm
Dimensions       1070x970x700mm
Gross weight    130kg

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