NAME: Brake Drum/Disc Cutting Machine
To introduce: This equipment is a kind of lathe. It can fulfill the reparation of the brake drum, disc and shoe of quto-mobiles from mini-car to heavy trucks. The unusual feature of this equipment is its twin spindle each other perpendicular structure. The brake drum/shoe can be cut on the first spindle and the brake disc can be cut on the second spindle. This equipment has higher rigidity, accurate workpiece positioning and is easy to operate.
Main Specifications:
Model T8465 T8445(FCV) T8440
Drum dia capacity 180 – 650 mm 180 – 450 mm 200-400mm
Disc dia capacity ≤500 mm ≤400 mm ≤400 mm
Spindle speed  24, 40, 70 r/min 30, 50, 85 r/min 60,90,120r/min
Toolpost travel 250 mm 170 mm 100mm
Feed rate 0.16 mm/r 0 – 0.5 mm/min 7.6-26mm/min
Motor 1.1/1400 kw/rpm 1.1/1400 kw/rpm 0.75/1400kw/rpm
Machine size 800×875x940 mm 820×1080x1280 mm 770x650x1130mm
Net weight  580 kg 320 kg 195kg
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