NAME: cylinder honing machine
MODEL: 3MQ9814
To introduce:
33MQ9814 Cylinder Honing Machine are mainly used for honing automobile and tractor cylinders with diameters from Ф40 to Ф140 after boring process.
The features of the machines are small in size, light in weight.3M9814A tool proper can be slid longitudinal; 3MQ9814 is simple in construction, the machine tool proper can be slid crosswise on the table top. They are easy to operate. The up-and-down reciprocating, motion of which can be adjusted randomly. Honing process can be carried out after the cylinder block to be honed is placed on the worktable, adjusted to center position and secured.

Main specification
Model 3MQ9814
Dia. of hole honed 40-140mm
Max. depth of hole honed 320mm
Spindle speed 125;250r/min
Max. spindle travel 340mm
Spindle lifting and
lowering speed (step less) 
Power of honing head motor 0.75kw
Power of oil pump motor 1.10kw
Power of cooling pump motor 0.12kw
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 1290*880*2015mm
Net weight 510kg

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