NAME: Cylinder Honing Machine--Portable
MODEL: 3MB9808
To introduce: 3MB9808 is mainly used for honing engine cylinder of automobiles, motor cycles , cars and tractors , and also for making other machine tools. It has compact frame, small volume , can operate easily , have manual operator and motor operator. When the main spindle moving up and down, precision of switch direction less than 0.4mm . Good rigidity and amount of cutting .
Model 3MB9808
Max. Diameter of hole honed
Max Depth of hole honed 200mm
Spindle speed   200; 280rpm
Stroke  19;27 s/min
Power of main motor 0.55kw
Power of cooling pump motor 0.09kw
Machine working 
inside cavity dimensions

Overall dimensions   600x850x195mm
Machine weight 250kg

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