NAME: Vertical Honing Machine
MODEL: M4215
To introduce: This machine enjoys simple structure, easy operation and high working accuracy. Reciprocation head is hydraulic driven. Expansion and contraction of honing head is controlled by thefeed handwheel directly. This machine is used for honing of cylinder block bores, cylinder liner bores etc. Hydraulic cylinder bores,precision bores etc. Roundness 0.0025mm and surface finish Ra 0.4 can be obtained.Bore taper can be corrected by using short stroke.
Model  M4215 M4215/1
Honing Diameter  50-150 30-150
Max.Honing depth  400
Spindle speeds (4 setps)  112、160、224、315
Max.spindle travel 370
Telescope displacement length of spindle connecting rod  180
Spindle reciprocation speed  3-18
Distance between the lower and of spindle
 connecting rod and worktable surface after 
extending spindle connecting rod
Distance between spindle axis to colume  350
Worktable trave longitudinal / Traverse 800/60
Worktable size  480×1100
Worktable height  470
Max. working pressure of hydraulic system  25
Supply flow of coolant pump  22
Total output  4.525
Motor for spindle rotation 2.2
Hydraulic pump motor  2.2
Coolant pump motor  0.125

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